You hear the crowd of ,000 fans shouting, "We want ! We want ! The MC asks you, "Are you ready to go on?" With a look on your face, you say, "!" The announcer then says, "Alright then, here we go!" Over the loud speakers, echoing throughout the arena you hear, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment you've all been waiting for, here is the one and only, & the Shoo Wops!" Everyone backstage shouts out to you, "Break a leg... Good Luck, !" Your band starts playing, "" and you run out onto the stage and the crowd goes wild. Lights galore are flashing and fog everywhere. Throughout the night, all the are trying to get a hold of you by touching your and tugging on your , while doing so they nearly pull you into the audience. Security has to fend off all of the by pushing them back and getting you back up on stage. You work the crowd with a hour intense performance. The concert is coming to an end. Right before you're about to sing your last song. All of a sudden, you hear the voice of the MC say, "! , we have a surprise for you that you will never forget! We brought to guest appear in tonight's show to join you in singing your last song!" The crowd just starts screaming. While you're in shock, walks out onto the stage. You greet each other and the band begins playing. Together and give a stellar performance to conclude the night. Throughout the next day, the hot topic in the newspapers, televisions, radios, & conversations was, "Look out Grammy's, here comes the next music sensation, & the Shoo Wops!"

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